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    A truly BIG black cock. Boi takes a hit of poppers, and next thing you know, the mighty torpedo is planted deep in his throat. Even the cum-reward doesn’t stop him, as he keeps swallowing that massive mouthful of meat.

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    The considerate bottom offers poppers to his big-balled top, then awaits the inevitable seeding of his ass. Based on the overflow, it’s a very big load of cum.

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    A hit of poppers, and a giant daddy-dick to suck. This boi’s in heaven.

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    I would definitely like to have my mouth attached to his cock at the moment that his deep rich baritone voice says the magic words: “Fuck, yeah.”

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    "Fuckin’ poppered-up hairy penis masturbation."

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    Huge hung dirty-talkin’ leather man provides an informative instructional video on extended edging, bating, popper-sniffing and cumming.

    On a personal note, I would cum a hands-free bucket load just by having his magnificent balls in my mouth while he called me nasty names.

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    While he’s clearly horned up right from the start, it is sticking a finger up his ass that puts him in overdrive. So it begs the question, are there any volunteers to fuck him?

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    I was ready to date right off the bat, but when he takes the poppers, it was time for a marriage proposal.

    Straight men jacking and eating his seed

    you said it!!

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